Re: Origins of VFTs

Steven Klitzing (
Tue, 14 Jun 94 08:42:39 -0700

>I seriously doubt any stage of the life cycle of any VFT could
>survive the temperaturea attained by an asteroid passing into our atmosphere
>now or in the ancient past. Even seeds cannot tolerate temperatures such
>as these.


What if the asteroid belonged to a seed Park's Seed in space?
Wouldn't it then be *possible* that the seeds entered the earth's
atmosphere slowly and were protected by the air tight hermedic seal
of their foil packets? And, upon impact with the earth, the packets were
opened by little animals who dumped their seeds onto the soil.

You have to is an unlikely scenario...AND IT *COULD* HAVE

By the way, I find it odd to think that I have the
same enzymes as a carnivorous plant because humans and
CPs came from the same roots (no pun intended). That's like saying
because George Bush and I both drink Diet Coke, we're both