Barry Meyers-Rice (
Thu, 2 Jun 94 11:44:57 MST

>The marine tropical aquarists are always on the cutting edge of these things.
>Pick up a copy of Freshwater and Marine Aquarium (looks like Aquarium
>from a distance cause the F&M part is real small!). They have tons
>of high-output ballast ads.

I'll stop by Barnes and Noble tonight.

Shing LAM (Klaus),

The ballasts you describe sound great. I am astounded by the price you
quoted, since conventional ballasts for a pair of 48" bulbs cost around
$10--20 US, while energy savers can cost double that easily. I hope I can
find these.

I'm building a hardwood cover for my 4' terrarium. This cover will house the
lights, and not look so dreadful as it presently does. But I expect I will have
less air circulation around the bulbs, and as a result the terrarium may
get hotter. I was thinking about getting a little fan, but decided against
this for noise reasons (it's in the stereo room, and I get a little picky
about background noise there).

I've heard that the ballasts must be mounted inside the metal fixure housing
for some sort of physics reason (something to do with magnetic fields?).
Does anyone know if this is true for conventional, or the newer electronic,