Re: New listserv program

Larry Logoteta (
2 Jun 1994 11:04:46 U

Reply to: RE>New listserv program

To: Larry Logoteta

Dear CPers,

I have upgraded our listserv program from version 5.41 to
version 6.0c. There are several new features, including digest
capability. Please let me know if you notice any funny behavior.

If you would like to receive your CP mail bundled into daily
digests, send the message:
to the listserver at:

Digests are currently set to be sent once a day or whenever the
message queue reaches 1000 lines. If these parameters don't seem
reasonable, let me know and I can change them.

An overview of all options can be had by sending the
message "HELP" to the above address.

More detailed information can be obtained by sending the message
"HELP <topic>"; where "<topic>" is the name of any of the commands
given in the general "HELP" message.