Re: Darlingtonia bogs

Steven Klitzing (
Tue, 31 May 94 13:23:28 -0700

Are there any CP near the Oregon/California border? (I'll look up O'Brien
and Florence when I get home).



Yes, O'Brien is less than 30 minutes across the California border into
Southwestern Oregon. From Crescent City, it's about 90 minutes up a
two-lane highway.

When you get to O'Brien, turn onto Lone Mountain Road. That's the road
right by the post office and mini-market. Drive up the road about
two miles, keep veering to the left. The signs can be tricky. When
Lone Mountain Road turns into gravel, slow down and start looking. You'll
come to an area that has streams coming down from the hill on your right
side. The Darlingtonia are located in clumps in the middle of those small
streams. To your left, there is a flat area that has sparse trees and
looks an open field. It's full of Darlingtonia. The
Darlingtonia are in plain view from the road.

Climb down the roadbank to visit them. Be careful not to ruin the habitat.
There are some rotted logs you can walk on to prevent you from getting
your shoes wet or ruining the stand of Darlingtonia. Use those.

About 15 minutes North of O'Brien, you can stop in the visitor center at
Cave Junction. It's right behind a gas station on the main corner.
The person in there can tell you where to find another large bog of
Darlingtonia nearby.