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Rodney L. Boleyn (
Tue, 31 May 1994 14:10:00 -0400

>>I applaud Don Burden for organizing the complicated
>>CP order from the German growers yet not using up
>>a lot of CP listerver bandwidth. The first few notices
>Perry, this makes a lot of sense. In a similar vein, once I posted my
>few notes on Sarracenia seedlings I was going to distribute, I stopped
>mailing those notices to the listserver, and mailed notices only to the
>relevent parties.

Hi folks. I just wanted to stick in my $.02 on this subject of
list mailings vs. personal mailings.

Even if you're emailing a single person, it's still probably unwise
to include sensitive information like a VISA card number! Email over
the Internet is not encrypted or otherwise protected in any way.
Emailing someone your VISA card number is sort of like writing it
on a postcard and sticking it in the mail: Anyone (or in the case
of email, any computer) that handles it has easy access to the
information. Any hacker on any computer which relays your email
will have no trouble whatsoever scamming your account number, etc.

The only case when emailing sensitive info would be okay is if you
and your recipient are using an encryption scheme which you've
worked out between you. Nothing about the Internet does this for
you automatically! You'd be a lot better off to get a phone number
through email, then telephone the person directly and read your
VISA number to them--sure, someone could be tapping your phone line,
but the chances of that are much smaller than someone reading your

Take care, and play safe...