Barry Meyers-Rice (
Tue, 31 May 94 08:28:25 MST

>I applaud Don Burden for organizing the complicated
>CP order from the German growers yet not using up
>a lot of CP listerver bandwidth. The first few notices

>Of course this is my opinion. Other's may disagree.

Perry, this makes a lot of sense. In a similar vein, once I posted my
few notes on Sarracenia seedlings I was going to distribute, I stopped
mailing those notices to the listserver, and mailed notices only to the
relevent parties.

>I got some Genlisea (tnx to Barry). Does anybody know, how to keep
>them. Right know they are in peat/perlite and standing in a tray
>(1cm water).

Sounds good to me! Just as long as perlite doesn't make an alkaline mix.
Some species are more aquatic than others. The species I sent, G.hispidula,
is a terrestrial.

Jan, it is surprising to me that the fossil record is so poor for CP. I'm
reminded of a mailing that Michael Chamberland sent to me, regarding the
evolution of cacti. That mailing noted that there is *no* fossil record of
cacti, and this could be understood by the observation that it is rare for
a cactus to topple over and land in a pool of mud! This is very different
for CP, which so often grow in mud.

I am so pleased. Every few days a new seed pod opens on my _Drosophyllum_.
Although I should note immediately I won't have enough to spread around,
I am thrilled I'm finally getting my own seed.