Re: Re: Urtics...

John Taylor [Catweasel] (
Mon, 30 May 94 17:00:53 DST

>> funny that you're not doing too well with U.pubescens. I grow them as
>> I grow most of my tropical Utrics---milled dead Sphagnum in lots of water.
>> They like partial shade. They grow slowly but flower for me each year.
>> Strangely, they invaded my pot of D.adelae and seem to really enjoy
>> growing with it.
>This may sound strange but could you describe what you mean by "milled"

Milled Sphagnum, as far as I know, is finely chopped sphagnum.

Now that I think of it, I'm sure that my U. peltata *did* flower - but it
hasn't done so for a year or more. I think I'm confusing it with an
unlabelled Utrics I've got (I think it's U. tricolor) which seems to
attempt flowering but the flowers don't develop... :-(

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