Re: _Nepenthes_ monograph

Don Burden (
Mon, 30 May 94 22:42 EDT

> >Jan Schlauer is researching Nepenthes of Sumatra for this I understand.
> How do you come to know this? Maybe some little paper (or a few little
> papers not only concerning Sumatra) will appear sometime (I have submitted
> a manuscript together with Joe Nerz *in 1992*, but some referee apparently
> needed quite a long while...), but this is not (directly) connected to
> "Flora Malesiana" or any other monograph. Funny rumours, anyway...

I remember you said in this CP group several months ago that you were
part of a group studying Nepenthes, and that you were focusing on the
Nepenthes of Sumatra. I assumed this is for an upcoming publication
or paper that may be a monograph on the genus.

Don Burden
New Albany, Indiana, USA