Tom Marazita (
Fri, 27 May 1994 09:33:21 PDT

I just recently joined this mailing list, and since it's
appropriate for brief introduction...

My name is Tom Marazita, and I work for the University of
California at Santa Barbara's College of Engineering as a Unix
system-administrator type.

I've been growing CPs off and on for about 15 years; however, I
have taken long hiatuses through that period so I don't really
have all that much experience. I have rekindled my interest
after receiving a Drosera Capensis (the weed variety, or so
everyone says on this list!) for a birthday gift last June. So
far it's flourishing.

Recently I also rescued three rather sad looking VFTs from our
local Kmart store. One of them is thriving, the other two are
not (the newly forming traps turn black and whither before they
mature enough to open! Any ideas?). I'm gonna try my best to
save them!

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Tom Marazita University of California
Center for Computational Sciences and Engineering.
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Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5120

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