Re: news

John Hollister (
Fri, 27 May 1994 12:05:46 -0400 (EDT)

> I would like to know something more about Cheer's CP book. The year of
> issue, the number of pages etc.. Has the book colour photos and how much?
> Is it the professional book or only a handbook for the growers (as for
> example Slack's book)?
> Tomas

I'll skip the vital statistics as they've been posted already. It is
the only cp book in the local library. It has detailed instructions
on the cultivation of just about every known cp including catopsis and
triphyophyllum. The photographs, especially in the nepenthes section,
are maginificent.

On the other hand, the editors were not very attentive. Several of
the descriptions and names were switched. Drosera cistiflora gets the
description of d. capillaris along with the comments about how easy it
is to grow. There is a _very_ speculative section on the evolution of
cps that does not suggest any familiarity with botany. There are a
couple of mentions of a plant called Ibicella Lutea without a clue as
to what it looks like.

But with all the pictures, it is a beautiful book.


John Hollister