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Fri, 27 May 94 12:01:39 +0100

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> There's a book store on the internet:
> telnet
> They offer the new Cheek CP book for $45 + $4 shipping.

>What is the new Cheek book? Should this be Cheers?

I may find a leter mail has already answered this but....

I just phoned Kew Gardens where Martin Cheek works. It's a holiday for
Civil Servants so he wasn't there. But I checked the Kew Bookshop and
they didn't have and had not heard of a CP book by Martin Cheek. It
would be remarkable if Martin published with anyone except Kew ((his
employer) and equally remakable if they supplied booksdhops before they
supplied their own bookshop.

I think this is a reference to Cheers. If I find differently I'll let
you know - I'll check the major bookshops this weekend.

Even if we do find it was "Cheers" not "Cheek", it was a good question
as Martin Cheek has been threatening to publish a KEW CP book
(especially as Kew were furious that I beat them - oh dear, what a shame!).