Re: news

Ruth A. Salomon (
Thu, 26 May 94 09:40:37 EDT

Speaking of the Gordon Cheer book, it can be ordered through any
Waldenbooks, B.Dalton, or Borders' Books. If you are a member of any of
their Discount pro- grams, they are available for 10% off...

Here in DC, Borders has the largest supply of CP books. They had in
stock when I was there last time the Cheers book, The Pietrapaolo book,
Adrian Slack' s book (softcover), The Wisley handbook(softcover from
England) and the Donald Schnell book. They also had the Marcel Lecoufle
book in softcover. It was amaz ing to see all of these books in one
bookstore. Unfortunately I had already spent a lot of time accumulating
these by calling the publishers and looking all over the place. If
anyone is interested in the Darwin book, Insectivorous Plants, I have an
extra which I can sell for $35 + shipping, which is what I paid for it
original ly. I just got a nicer copy. The book is a hardcover from
1892, ex. libris, unfortunately, or it would probably run $50. It is a
must-have for the truly complete CP library. If anyone has a hardcover
of FE Lloyd's book, I'd be in- terested in that. I just have the Dover
Press edition right now.
-alex Alexander E.