Federico Fontana (fede%hqlab@Olivetti.Com)
Thu, 26 May 94 06:08:00 GMT

>It is customary for new subscribers to eventually post a self-introduction

I am 31 years old, work for Olivetti in Ivrea (Italy). From many years my
preferred hobby is the growing of the carnivorous plantes. Only from few
years i have goods results.
I have some of it 3 Dionaea Muscipula, 5 Saracenia Purpurea,
1 Saracenia Alata, 4 Drosera Binata, 1 Pinguicola Moranensis, in a
terrarium self-made. Additionally I have 2 Nepenthes Hybride that
they grow, but don't form the pitcher (ascidii).
I am interested to the exchange of information and esperienced on systems
of growing and propagation of this plants.
Sorry for my English.