Re: various topics

John Hollister (
Wed, 25 May 1994 16:08:41 -0400 (EDT)

> John, your terrarium arrangment sounds good. For terrarium growing I
> recommend psittacina, purpurea venosa, and rubra rubra, all which stay
> reasonably compact even with less than optimal light levels. The other
> species (and even the other rubra subspecies) get etiolated easily.

The new psittacina leaves are thankfully not turning spindly, but if
(ok. when!) I expand this collection I should probably focus on
tropical species to limit the hassle of arranging dormancy. I take it
I should uproot the N.A. species and keep them in the refrigerator
between the milk and the beer?

> >in the terrarium. Also a Pinguicula with a lavendar flower and a
> Veined petals, right? This is _P.caerulea_. They'd sell that a lot.

Yup. What is its range?

Thanks for the advice!


John Hollister