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Barry Meyers-Rice (
Tue, 24 May 94 08:46:47 MST

>> The task is now to research those CP which are avoided by potential
>> herbivores. If any DO have psychotropic potential, they could really make

>Jeez, I hope not, or we will have lots of new silly laws prohibiting
>growing of these plants! (Like peyote and Opium poppies). There are so

A cactus grower in my department tells me that people who grow many
plants usually have peyote in their collections, sometimes conveniently

>U. gibba on Kauai? Really? Native or introduced? Any references and/or

You betcha. I don't know if it's introduced. I'd suspect that it isn't.
Its Hawaiian occurrence is even noted in TAYLOR.

>> the number of tubers I had last year, so the miracid treatments still get
>> great reviews from me.
>I'll have alook around and see if I can find some here. Did you mention
>what rate you use it at?

Label strength. It comes with a little spoon, and I think the dilution
is something like (get out your english->metric conversion tables!)
1/4 teaspoon per quart.

John, your terrarium arrangment sounds good. For terrarium growing I
recommend psittacina, purpurea venosa, and rubra rubra, all which stay
reasonably compact even with less than optimal light levels. The other
species (and even the other rubra subspecies) get etiolated easily.

>in the terrarium. Also a Pinguicula with a lavendar flower and a

Veined petals, right? This is _P.caerulea_. They'd sell that a lot.


Thanks for the information regarding soil mixes. I'll look around for
garden lime at the nurseries. Native Arizona soil is very basic
already, so I doubt this will be a big seller at most nurseries. The
local soil is also salty, unfortunately.