Location of commercial dealers in CPs, +

Hr Dr. S. Shapiro (toukie@zui.unizh.ch)
Mon, 23 May 1994 15:49:22 +0100 (MEST)

I am new to CPs, and am interested in obtaining Venus flytrap bulbs and
bulbs/seeds of other carnivorous plants from commercial sources. (Note that
I reside in Zuerich, Switzerland, so that plant material coming in from other
countries will have to be inspected by the Swiss Customs Office.) Can anyone
supply me with complete names and addresses (and e-mail addresses, if possible)
of commercial nurseries dealing with carnivorous plants in seed/bulb forms?

Also, I would be interested if anyone could supply me with citations to
"hard core" scientific papers (biochemistry/physiology/enzymology literature)
dealing with the digestive enzymes occurring in assorted CPs.

To all responders, I thank you in advance.


S. Shapiro
Internet: toukie@zui.unizh.ch