Re: bad attitude

Bob Beer (
Fri, 20 May 1994 12:54:00 -0700 (PDT)

> Like the Annual Okefenokee Frog Drop? Or the Spring Fly-Fling in Wilmington,
> North Carolina? Here in Arizona we have the mid-summer Mogollon Rim
> Bladder-gobble jamboree (bring your mosquito wrigglers, y'all). But other
> than these, I can't think of too many other weird glut-fests in the states.

We do have slug races here, but that doesn't really count as a
glut-fest. For the uninformed, we have some of the world's largest slugs
in the Pacific Northwest; the largest banana slugs can reach 12 inches.
I have eaten snails and liked them; I always have wondered if you could
eat slugs too, but so far haven't been very adventurous. You sure would
have to go through a lot of corn meal to purge the suckers!
> Now you want weird, I mean really weird, you gotta check out what those
> CPers do in AUSTRALIA!!!! Completely unfettered by the norms of civilized
> society...

Just so long as they don't do these things in Tasmania! :)