Patrick Cox (
20 May 94 16:14:06 AST

I picked this up from rec.gardens froma thread I had been following. Can
anyone lend any credence to this? I find it a bit appauling if it is true.
Some one else had mentioned something to the effect that TC (tissue cultured)
plants were the only (or best) way to propagate VFT's. Hmmm... what about
seeds and dividing large plants?

=>From: (Jody C. Patilla)
=>Date: 19 May 1994 15:08:29 -0400
=>Please be aware that almost all of the Venus Fly Traps in commerce are
=>wild-gathered. This results in many plants dying before reaching consumers,
=>and in devastation of natural bog habitats, both from removal of native
=>plants and from trampling by collectors.
=>There are one or two growers who are producing fly traps and other bog
=>plants by tissue culture. Their plants are more expensve and definitely NOT
=>the kind you buy for $5 at Woolworths. Please do not buy any rare plants
=>when you do not know exactly how they were grown and NEVER buy wild-
=>collected plants, I don't care how cute your kids think they are.
=>Do your otters dance the Morris? Do they shake their bells and bows?
=>Do they love that fiddle music? Do they leap and kick their toes?


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