Re: VFTs and volunteer plants

Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Thu, 19 May 1994 13:01:48 -0700

>>> I think the Chunnel must be routing some boozy wine-soaked air from the
>>> French vinyards to your island! I have never heard of these VFT feeding
>>> marathons you've mentioned. If it happens, it must be a very rare
>>> occurrence! :)
>>Really? You never heard of the great Flytrap Glutfest in Toenail Hollow,
>>TN? People come from the entire county and try to see how much they can
>>get a VFT to digest. Last year, the winner was Mrs. Beulah Snort of
>>Booger Hollow, who managed to feed her prize-winning flytrap an entire
>>'83 Dodge Blazer. Zebediah Swinebinder and his wife Elmira came in a
>>close second with three delinquent teen agers, a tire iron, and a box of
>>Milk Duds.

Oh! You mean THAT feeding marathon. I figured everyone knew about that
one. I thought Paul was talking about some other one...