VFTs and volunteer plants

Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@as.arizona.edu)
Thu, 19 May 94 10:37:35 MST

>I'm afraid some of our colleagues in the States will be familiar with
>contemptable people who have VFT Feeding Marathons (I read abouit it in
>CPN), yes I mean competitions!!! Heaven knows how one competes or wins


I think the Chunnel must be routing some boozy wine-soaked air from the
French vinyards to your island! I have never heard of these VFT feeding
marathons you've mentioned. If it happens, it must be a very rare
occurrence! :)

Regarding that mysterious D.rotundifolia growing in Wayne's pots, I bet
that *somehow* you got some seed there. Maybe it came in with some soil?
Remember a lot of peat/Sphagnum comes from Michigan and Canada, D.rotundifolia
territory... I know I sent you stuff recently, but I don't have weed
problems with rotundifolia, as much as I do with some other species...