frightened ants

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Thu, 19 May 94 10:49:12 MST

>It occurs to me that if I found tiny insects and picked one up with
>tweezers it would be highly likely that it would "simply curl up and
>roll in, and almost without exception, not struggle once they hit the
>water in the pitcher, but simply remain curled and sink to the bottom".

Paul, it was my understanding that the bugs in question would exhibit this
curling-up-and-plopping-into-the-pitcher behavior some time after they
had been crawling around the pitcher, eating nectar. The obvious inference
being that they were somehow getting intoxicated by the nectar. I don't think
the author (Tom, was it you?) was observing this behavior from partially
damaged and recently terrified ants. I find Tom's observations extremely

Or maybe I misunderstood the original posting?