Re: Nitrogen sources for CPs

Paul Temple (
Thu, 19 May 94 13:49:44 +0100

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>Is artificial feeding with animal prey a common procedure among growers?


I can't speak on behalf of anyone for certain. However, with 10 years
as a member of the UK society and knowing many UK members, feeding the
plants is not common after the first flush of youthful enthusiasm.

I'm afraid some of our colleagues in the States will be familiar with
contemptable people who have VFT Feeding Marathons (I read abouit it in
CPN), yes I mean competitions!!! Heaven knows how one competes or wins
- I suspect I don't want to know. The response to the article was
about as supportive of the practice as I would be of force feeding
rotten meat to a vegetarian.

On the other hand, I do admit to feeding my rarest pings with
occassional small flies when the pings are looking the worst for wear
(usually in April/May when Spring growth is bursting out with little or
no confidence of survival). I emphasise this s a very rare practice I
only use in emergencies. This would be unnecessary where the correct
growth requirements are known.