Re: Nitrogen sources for CPs
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Hi, I'm new to growing CP's and just acquired S. leucophylla, S. rubra
gulfensis, S. rubra alabamensis, S. flava, S. minor, and Darlingtonia
californica. The plants are between 6 and 8 inches tall.

Could anyone help me out with the following questions. They may appear very
basic since I'm new at growing these. I will be growing them at 70-80%
relative humidity and 68-78 F.

1) It was recommended that I pot the plants in live sphagnum moss, however a
50/50 peat/silica sand mix is also recommended. Would fibrous (not live)
phagnum mixed with silica sand (or perlite) do? Where can I purchase silica
sand and live sphagnum moss?

2) Is pot size important as not to overpot the plants? I am thinking of using
4" plastic pots.

3) I intend to keep the plants in a cool closet in my basement over the
dormant period. The temperature varies between 40-50 F from December-February
depending on the temperature outside the house. Would a small refridgerator be

4) I intend to grow Darlingtonia californica in a small terrarium under a
separate set of lights in my basement at a temperature that ranges between
68-72 F. Is this cool enough?

Thanks in advance

Robert St-Jean