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Me agin. Another rare, probably useless and definately late reply (why
is Unix so unreliable - NO- I didn't say that, no techy replies please!!!).

Jusdt noticed the mail with the Hinode Kadan list of Dionaea "forms".
OK, I knew we could count on Jan to discount any legitimacy to the
naming. But wwhat I haven't noticed is anyone describing the plants or
referring to the real costs.

I HAVE bought them (log ago) though I was aware that there was no
likely difference. With the exception of "atrorubeus" the rest are all
remarkably similar to my other VFT's. VFT's are not only variable.
They also spontaneously change leaf posture from time to time. If you
buy theses pseudoforms and lose the labels you will NEVER be able to
detect which is which. You have been warned.

As to real price. Hinode Kadan is on a tiny island that is just about
as far from Japan as anywhere could be and still be recognised as even
faintly Japan.
Everything in Japan is expensive. So mail from Hinode Kadan is
expensive. Therefore each plant you buy comes with a free massive
postage bill! And to add insult to injury, the postage is a percentage
of the plant value (50% I think) so the more you need the plant, the
higher the postage cost.

Still, I wont criticise either their service or plant quality. I got
what I ordered, it was alive, and it lived (but I have since misplaced
the VFTs (told you so!).

Other than that, if they still supply it I strongly recommend anyone
purchases the Hinode Kadan colour book of their plants (i.e. NOT their
plant price list). Text in japanese but who cares - the photos are
great (though I bought my copy about 8 years ago so maybe they've sold
out?) and include some uncommon Nepenthes hybrids and a few Sarras
(dwarf forms, double flowers). Don't get attractedthough, the cost of
the weirdos (the ones with Japanese names attached to the latin) is
astronomical (before you add the postage).

Ah well. I don't write often........but when I's aleways
long enough to bore everyone.



(Anyone else want their favourite nursery criticised?)