Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@as.arizona.edu)
Sat, 7 May 94 09:12:18 MST

Richard and others,

I just spent some time going through my books and archived letters and
catalogues looking for all references to red-petioled VFTs. Unfortunately
last year I discarded all my old letters (since the rate at which they now
come in is a little too high to archive them all) except for some with
particularly tasty information. But I've stored most of the old catalogues.
For VFTs, I found some interesting references in the following two

Hinode Kadan (the japanese outfit) is selling the following varieties of
D.muscipula muscipula, erecta, linearis, filiformis.

They don't specify ssp. or forma or anything, but as Jan would tell us,
they'd all be invalid anyway! These things are being sold at 500--2000 Y.

But nothing about all-red plants. But then in the catalogue from
Nature et Paysages, specifically Plantes Carnivores Annee 1992, the following
plants are listed...
Dionaea ssp muscipula
Dionaea f. prostratus
Dionaea f. filiformis
Dionaea f. viridis
Dionaea f. atrorubeus
With prices ranging ranging from 40--65 FF

I don't speak french, but it doesn't take too much to realize that the last
entry is probably of interest to you, Richard. So I include the
description of the plant in their catalogue (which lists the plant at 55 FF).

>Dionaea muscipula f. atrorubeus (Nord Caroline)
>- Forme proche de muscipula prostatus dont le centre des
> feuilles est teinte' de rouge grenat.

I haven't the slightest idea what that means, but I'd guess maybe something
like "Rare form of prostrate VFT. The leaf petioles are tinted with
grenadine red." Just a guess....

The only other reference I could find to a red-petioled VFT is in Cheers's
new book, which has a photo of it showing a tiny bit of red petiole on two

Sorry this is all I could dredge up for you.