Parlor Tricks

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Tue, 17 May 94 09:13:33 MST

>Barry, do you really have an albino (lacking chlorophyll) Sarracenia?

No, not I. Twas another.

>Do you all subscribe to the theory that you should only let one
>Drosophyllum seeding grow per pot?

This is nonsense, at least if you're growing them in the desert. Dave,
knowing a bit about Davis weather, I don't think you'd have to pay attention
to this.

OK, this is kind of a strange thing to post to the group, but I suppose that
has never stopped me or anyone else in the past...

With the in-laws leaving town for a few months, they've been throwing lots
of going away parties, and so my plants have been getting a great deal of
use as centerpieces. Last night's party included several kids about 9--12
years old. They loved the idea of pitcher plants, and kept me busy all night
with questions. Most of the questions were of the sort you'd expect---``What
would happen if you, like, FELL ASLEEP in the greenhouse, and like, PUT YOUR
HAND into one of those?'' So I got an idea. There was a lot of roasted
chicken being eaten by the partiers, so I took a partially eaten chicken
leg (with greasy knuckle and shreds of meat and lumpy red barbeque sauce
intact) and hid this in my hand (pinned to my palm by my thumb). Then I
gathered the kids around for a demonstration. I stuck a few fingers into
a big _Sarracenia_ pitcher and started to say a few words. Then I stopped,
puzzled, and put on a horrible expression of pain. I pulled my hand out
of the plant, and with a flick of my thumb I quickly positioned the bone
so it was among my fingers (which I splayed crazily) looking wonderfully
like a half-digested finger with bits of bloody meat dangling loosely. I
howled in pain as I waved my hand in front of their terrified eyes which
were as big as chicken eggs. The results were spectacular. They screamed
in terror. Chairs were knocked over. Two plastic dinner plates filled with
food were dropped and one kid poured soda all over his neighbor. I think
it might have come out of his mouth.

It was wonderful. I highly recommend this trick.

Life can be so good.