Re: germination

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Tue, 17 May 1994 11:10:25 -0400

>>I have recently been getting germination from some _S.alata_ seed
>>that have been stored cold since 1987. While I'm only getting a few
>>seedlings for all the seed, it impresses me that *anything* has come up.


I have some Sarr. seed from about that age. My germination rate has tended to
be about 30% for older seed, as compared to about +95% for seed no more than
about a year old. It seems to me that Sarr. seed viability drops off pretty
quickly at first and then the rate of decline slows. I guess that even with
very old seed there are always a few hardy suckers that just insist on

PS. 113F and 50-60% humidity, Wow, I would say those are tough conditions
for Sarr.'s. You must have a green thumb to keep them in good shape.

On another note, Saturday I spent the morning driving around Orlando-Kissimmee
area with Marie B. checking out the S. minors, pings, etc. Interestingly, it
seems to me that S. minor has less color variation than any other Sarr. All
the locations we found had nearly identical coloration. Nothing was really in
peak condition, the lack of rain is not real bad this year but still far below
historic levels.

Welcome to the new subscribers.

Tom in Fla.