Re: Slow out there..

Mr Kg Christensen (
Fri, 15 Apr 94 15:24:08 EST

> We haven't had too much activity... how are folks out in CP land?
> My Sarracenias are starting to shoot up new leaves, my dionaea
> new traps, and my sundews are leafing so much that I'm going to
> have to move them to new pots. Is spring a good time to start
> dividing?
> Lisa Clayton

In response to your question I guess the start of spring is the best time to
divide your sarracenias, and dionaea. This is when I do it and they always
seem to thrive about a month after repotting. Always a good idea to use a
soil fungicide , cause if they have been left sitting in water over winter the
roots and the rhizome of the plant could have started to rot and the increased
heat and humidity of spring can cause the rot to take hold faster. Last
spring I had this problem as I have my S.Flava in a large tub outside and the
rhizome had rotted about half the plant away before the start of summer.

Happy dividing

Keith Christensen