Re: Slow out there..

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Fri, 15 Apr 1994 11:31:15 -0400

Is spring a good time to start
> > dividing?
> >
> > Lisa Clayton
> >

> In response to your question I guess the start of spring is the best
> time to divide your sarracenias, and dionaea. Always a good idea to
> use a soil fungicide , cause if they have been left sitting in water
> over winter the roots and the rhizome of the plant could have started
> to rot and the increased heat and humidity of spring can cause the rot
> to take hold faster. Last spring I had this problem as I have my
> S.Flava in a large tub outside and the rhizome had rotted about half
> the plant away before the start of summer.
> Happy dividing
> Keith Christensen

What are people using now for a systematic fungicide? I used Benlate, but I
can't seem to find it anymore. Seems to me I saw something saying that it is
no longer approved for ornamental use? I have heard of Captan (sp?), but
haven't located any.