Re: _Aldrovanda_

Rick Walker (
Thu, 07 Apr 1994 21:07:28 -0700

> I would like to know how long can the hibernacula of Aldovanda
> stay dormant. I plan to go to USA in June/July. I wonder if
> I can still get a few hibernacula by then.
> Any suggestion?

Dear Shing Lam,

I believe that Andrew was trying to place the order as soon as
possible because it is expected that these hibernacs will be breaking
dormancy in a week or so. Your only hope would be to wait until next
year, or get a live cutting from someone when you visit.

Perhaps you can arrange with Andrew to have the hibernacula
shipped directly to you. They will be coming from Japan. You will
have to make a call to reach him before Saturday.

Rick (in Palo Alto, CA)