It's not looking good

Wed, 06 Apr 94 17:47:20 PST

About a month ago i purchased a cephalotus with about 6 pitchers on it.
It looked very healthy and didn't show any signs of stress until after I
was gone on a week vacation. I did have a plant-sitter make sure it had
water thoug h the tub was a little full when I came back. Symptoms: two
of the smaller pitchers (both were solid burgundy) seemed to overnight
get very dark on the tops, closed and shriveled. I did pry them o pen
and added a little water inside in case they had dried out. I haven't
notic ed any drastic improvement. Could that have been too much sun or
excess water causing rot? I did notice one of the larger white pitchers
had faint brownish d iscoloration. There are two knew pitcher shoots
appearing so it is growing. Also the media is a pure sphagnum. Also,
Don't know as far as CP is concerned but when i visited Vancouver BC I
inquired about transporting a rose plant across the border and as long
as it was inspected by either Canadian Dept of Ag (The nurs. had an
inspector once a week) or US customs inspectors could examine it 9-5
Mon-Fri. This is all of cou rse canada to US could be different the
other way. I did visit the conservatory at Queen Elizabeth park and if
there were Nepen thes there I sadly missed them. No sign of CP
(actually got sun-burned