Waiting and wondering

Philip A. DiTullio 508-946-0485 (DITULLIO@A1.TCH.HARVARD.EDU)
Mon, 4 Apr 1994 02:22:00 EST

I have really learned alot the few weeks that
I have been on this list. I decided to try my hand again
at growing CP. Thanks to the archive I sent away for a few
catalogs and made my first order from Orgel, an extremely
helpful fellow.I ordered D.capensis,D.intermedia,P.caerulea,
and VFT.
I have a couple of questions. I live in the
southern part of Mass. also known as the Cranberry
capitol. I read that D.filiformis grows in this area.
My question being what other plants could I grow in an
outside bog garden in my area ?
Also for the beginner, what would be a good
Nepenthes to start with? After reading some of the discussions
lately, coolers and all it sounds a bit boggling.
Do they need to be in a hanging basket?
Well enough rambling's from a novice.