Re: Any Pinguicula in Southern China?

Jan Schlauer (
Tue, 29 Mar 1994 15:23:05 +0100

Shing LAM (Klaus),

>Last sunday when I hiked on the Kowloon Peak, I saw some plant that
>look similar to Pinguicula. The plants are in bloom. The flowers have
>5 petals(?) - 2 above and 3 below.

Do the flowers have a spur, 5 distinct sepals (calyx lobes, not petals!),
and 2 stamens? Are the flowers (blue-) violet or white? How long is the

> The surface of the leaves is hairy.

Are the leaves glandular-hairy (i.e. sticky)?

> The plants grows among grasses on exposed slopes. Along a
>hiking trail from 300m to about 500m I found a lot of them and at the
>lower end of them trail I saw some Drosera spatulata putting out flower
>I would like to know if there is any Pinguicula native to Southern

Only in SW China (Himalaya and adjacent high mts.): _P.alpina_.
Records of _P.vulgaris_/_macroceras_ are somewhat dubious.

> If so, any hints on identification? I'll probably go to there
>this week to take pictures of the plants.

If you can, you should do this in any event. There is of course some
possibility of "gardening" as close to Hong Kong as the Kowloon Peak. If
the plant does resemble a Mexican _Pinguicula_ I would bet my socks someone
has planted it there.

Kind regards