RE: New member

Clarke Brunt (
Tue, 29 Mar 94 13:02 GMT

>Anything different (the big picture) about growing CP as compared to
>orchids (like ignore them and they grow better, no fertilizer, etc).
>Special supplies I need?

Grow in peat or peat/sand (some people use sphagnum moss), no fertilizer,
and stand in lime-free (rain in my case) water.
That will do for most simple species.
I like plants that you can ignore - maybe that's why I have cacti - give
no water and they still survive (though they ARE better with water!),
and CP - give an infinite amount of water and they thrive.

I only have 3 orchids - Pleione, Bletilla, and a Cymbidium, and don't
yet qualify to tell others how to grow these!