P. cyclosecta

Don Burden (donb@iglou.com)
Wed, 23 Mar 94 19:27 EST

> Not without reason I wrote the *calyx* lobes (= sepals, i.e. not the
> petals, which are the corolla lobes) are truncate in _P.reticulata_. The
> corolla lobes are much the same in both species.

I stand corrected. All five sepals of my P. cyclosecta (?) are bluntly
pointed (obtuse) and are neither truncate nor emarginate. I understand
reticulate (as in P. reticulata) means "netted" - does this refer to the
netted vein pattern in the petals?

>> Things may be even more complicated ... Gordon Snelling tells me his
>> P. kondoi (which definitely has some unique differences from my
>> P. cyclosecta (?))

> What are these differences?

I don't have P. kondoi anymore, but from what I remember the crown of
P. kondoi is constantly pink whereas the crown of P. cyclosecta is
constantly green. Barry got a flower not too long ago from a division
of the P. kondoi plant I had. He probably has a photo (or a dozen) of it.
Maybe the pedicel was glandular (as in the photo in Kondo's book) on
his plant.

Don Burden
New Albany, Indiana, USA