Re: P. cyclosecta

Don Burden (
Sun, 20 Mar 94 09:07 EST

> How about the leaves? How large are they? How many leaves are constituting
> the "summer" and the "winter" rosette, respectively? Are the leaf margins
> notably curved upwards as in _P.moranensis_ or are they fairly flat
> (_P.agnata_)?

I haven't seen a winter rosette of this species in a long time. The
summer rosette consists of three to four rows of 6 to 9 leaves, 25 to
40 leaves per plant. The leaf margins are notably curved upwards. I
remember writing several months ago that the leaf tips were near perfect
semi-circles but now the tips look bluntly pointed. There's a distinct
petiole with long horizontal hairs along the sides on the petiole. The
flowering plant (only one flowering plant out of about 30 being grown) is
5 cm in diameter. Entire leaf is 2 cm long, 12 mm wide at the widest
(measured across upturned margins), petiole is 12 mm long and 7 mm wide.
The 'P. cyclosecta' photo in CPN June 1982, p. 47 is almost certainly
P. ehlersiae and my plant is different. My plants often send out runners
or stolons from the base of the plant to make new plants. P. kondoi that
I had also did this.

Don Burden
New Albany, Indiana, USA