Re: Upper traps and orchids
Wed, 16 Mar 94 08:33:22 EST

<<I have two questions. The first is rather off the beaten track, but
I am hoping that someone will know. Why the hell won't my orchid
bloom? It is a Catleya (sp?) that has been watered approximately
every two to three days and is under 1800 foot candles of light.
I talk to it everyday and try to build up its self esteem. I
fertilize it every time I water with Peter's orchid fertilizer.
What the %&$#! is going on? I have had it about a year and I
am getting ready to... well... water and fertilize it some more.>>

Well, first; how old is the plant in question? Some Catts need to be up to 7
or so years old in order to start flowering. Is this a hybrid or a species
orchid? If it is a hybrid once it starts to bloom it may do so up to 3 times
a year. Before your question can be effectively answerd you need to supply
the above info and also your growing conditions.
Catts in general like to drop to about 60 degrees at night. Also if you are
feeding year round stop. You should only be feeding when the plant is issuing
new growths or flower buds. After a growth spurt they need to be cut back on
water and also feeding.
This is the best i can do for now. Supply more info and i may beable to help