Upper traps and orchids

Wed, 16 Mar 94 2:22:34 EST

I have two questions. The first is rather off the beaten track, but
I am hoping that someone will know. Why the hell won't my orchid
bloom? It is a Catleya (sp?) that has been watered approximately
every two to three days and is under 1800 foot candles of light.
I talk to it everyday and try to build up its self esteem. I
fertilize it every time I water with Peter's orchid fertilizer.
What the %&$#! is going on? I have had it about a year and I
am getting ready to... well... water and fertilize it some more.

My second question concerns "upper" pitchers. There are base pitchers
and upper pitchers, both of which have very different characteristics.
My N.mirabilis has been quite happy putting forth base pitchers for
the past 9 months. It is only about 8 inches tall, but upon inspection
this morning, I dicovered that it had produced an upper pitcher.
This has never happened before to _any_ any of my plants. Is this
just some biological decision on the part of the plant or could it
have something to do with the fact that I am using hormones for