a warning

Sat, 12 Mar 94 08:53:41 PST

I planted a tray full of seeds last night and carefully placed it on top of my
roll top desk so that they would stay warm in the sun. Everything was carefully
labeled and I was quite pleased. Upon returning from walking my dog, my roommat
es siamese cat had decided to jump up on the shelf and realizing something was
up there mid-flight knocked over the flat. The tray landed upright with a fair
amount of sphagnum exchange between plastic pots.
1) There is wisdom in saving half your seeds for emergencies (I did in most cas
2) Cats will do whatever they want... and enjoy the sun more than dionea.

A minor setback. A distraught grower

P.S. The bright side (if there is one) this will greatly help my plant Id skill