Re: Drosera (A mystery solved)

John Taylor [The Banshee] (
Sat, 12 Mar 94 08:57:20 DST

>Barry said:
>>Clarke, your weird tuberous plants certainly sound like a ``fan-leafed''
>>sundew. Maybe _D.ramellosa_. Are the flowers borne at the end of the
>>leafy stems or directly out of the rosette center?
>Flowers are on a branched leafless stem from the rosette centre. The
>leafy stems, which set off from the rosette centre before the flowers
>appeared, are continuing to progress horizontally over the edge of
>the pot.

This sounds more like one of the D. stolonifera forms, which definitely have
a branched central flower stem (panicle) and a number of leafy stems. You may
also get flowers at the ends of the leafy stems (ssp. stolonifera does). The
fan-leafed sundews usually have whorls of 3 or more leaves along the stems,
the leaf-blade is either roundish or slightly shield-shaped and appear very
thick and large compared with the "rainbow sundews" which are normally
(always?) very thin and delicate. The blade usually forms an outward-facing

"Carnivorous Plants of Australia Vol. 1" by Allen Lowrie is a good book to
check out for the tuberous Drosera species.

I've had mixed success with them - one died within a year but the other is
(hopefully) still growing well and is multiplying a bit too (vegetatively).

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