Re: More Naming questions.

Jan Schlauer (
Fri, 11 Mar 1994 11:37:33 +0100


>>>No! _N.* hookeriana_ is a scientific name (not capitalized).
> Does the nomenclature indicate that hybrids should
> always be preceded by an "x" to indicate that they
> are a hybrid, i.e.:
> P. x `George Sargeant'
> N. x hookeriana
> D. x hybrida
> ???

Yes. In fact, the symbol should be the "X"-form of the multiplication sign.
As this is not coded for in ascii, I use "*".

> My plant list is gradually becoming cleaner.
> I start to see the irritation with sloppy
> naming. For example I have 3 forms of P.
> moranensis, keyed by Peter D'Amato as forms

Remember "form" is a rank reserved for scientific naming of infraspecific taxa!

> A, G, and `Superba'. The last is probably
> a cultivar, at least I'm treating it as such,

Yes, I'd treat it as such, too (although it is not registered).

> but the first two are keyed by location, so
> that when they are finally keyed out everyone
> who bought an "A form" will be able to re-name
> it to whatever it's to be called. For the
> moment I'm treating them as cultivar names
> even though they clearly are not.

It is of course somewhat problematic to use "names" like "spec. A" or
"spec. 125" because these are not easily linked to any feature of the
plant. Thus, I prefer the "s.l." nomenclature in cases where infraspecific
subdivision is not settled yet.

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