Re: Questions about drosera hybrid names

Jan Schlauer (
Fri, 11 Mar 1994 11:36:15 +0100


>D. X rotensis is supposed to be a cross between capensis and rotundifiolia.
>I don't believe such a thing is possible.

Both parents do at least share the chromosome # (2n=20), and more
importantly, fusiform seeds. By these features, they are indeed quite
closely related to each other (they belong to sect. Drosera in most
classifications). Even if they inhabit two completely isolated ranges, and
are drastically different by gross morphology, I would not exclude the
possibility of hybridization.

I would have excluded such for _P.moranensis_*_ehlersiae_ (with parents
having two completely different chromosome base numbers: x=11 & x=8,
respectively), but it seems to be possible, and more surprisingly even
_P.moranensis_ s.l. *_agnata_ (the parents having the same chromosome base
number: x=11, but being different in almost any morphological feature)!

You see, these questions are not sufficiently "silly" for being answered

There are no silly questions. To some questions there are intelligent answers.
We will never have a chance to find these if the questions are never posed.

Kind regards