Re: Questions about drosera hybrid names

Rick Walker (
Thu, 10 Mar 1994 15:01:22 -0800


> Is D. x `rotensis' a cultivar or hybrid, and
> what are the parents? I have it down as
> rotundifolia x intermedia, is that correct?

D. x rotensis is a hybrid named after a suggestion that appeared
some years ago in CPN. It is ROTundifolia x capENSIS.

The article suggested a uniform naming strategy for Drosera hybrids
using parts of the names of the two parent plants.
Another in this vein is _D. x linthulata_ (linearis x spathulata).

> Also, is D. communis a hybrid or species?

In Jan's latest list, D. communis is defined as:

N: + D.communis {ST.HIL.}
P: HIST.PL.REMARQ.BRES.& PAR.1:267 (1824)
T: Sao Paulo, St.Hilaire s.n. (P)
L: Bra., Col., Par.

Rick (in Palo Alto, CA)