Re: Sarracenia flowers

Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Tue, 8 Mar 1994 10:03:11 +0800

>>My oldest S. are now 4 years from seed, and the largest one looked
>>a bit like is was about to burst out of its pot. On tipping it out,
>>the reason was flower buds developing from both ends of the rhizome.
>>These are going to be my first S. flowers ever, hence the excitement.
>>The (still very small) buds are red - I suppose the plant may be
>>a leucophylla. I don't think that Slack's book (my only reference)
>>ever said that the first signs of life in Spring, before the leaves,
>>would be flower buds.

My plants also are putting up flowers first. One pot is
putting up 4 (!) scapes, some from areas I didn't know
had a plant.
>>Now a progress report on my Darlingtonia seedlings, sown fresh from
>>a friend's plant last September. They were divided into 3 lots:
>>(1) in the house, temp about 60F/15C, lots of them, doing very well
>>(2) in the greenhouse, temp about 45F/8C, also lots up but not growing much
>>(3) outside, temp down to freezing, none up at all yet.

Great info. I hope to continue hearing about your
experiences growing Darlingtonia in different conditions.