Sarracenia flowers

Clarke Brunt (
Tue, 08 Mar 1994 16:36:32 GMT

I've just turned on my CP mail again after a few weeks of doing without
(the traffic on this and other things had got too much). I've just
repotted my Sarracenias - no sphagnum moss in mine - just a bit of
whatever moss it is that grows on the surface of my soil.

My oldest S. are now 4 years from seed, and the largest one looked
a bit like is was about to burst out of its pot. On tipping it out,
the reason was flower buds developing from both ends of the rhizome.
These are going to be my first S. flowers ever, hence the excitement.
The (still very small) buds are red - I suppose the plant may be
a leucophylla. I don't think that Slack's book (my only reference)
ever said that the first signs of life in Spring, before the leaves,
would be flower buds.

Now a progress report on my Darlingtonia seedlings, sown fresh from
a friend's plant last September. They were divided into 3 lots:
(1) in the house, temp about 60F/15C, lots of them, doing very well
(2) in the greenhouse, temp about 45F/8C, also lots up but not growing much
(3) outside, temp down to freezing, none up at all yet.

Clarke Brunt