BACPS info.

Rick Walker (
Mon, 07 Mar 1994 16:57:13 -0800


> Regarding BACPS-- would you post more info on what it is, how
> often it meets, etc? I'd like to go if I have the chance.

Meetings are quarterly. Next meeting is May 14th at Lincoln School
in Alameda, starting at 11am. Membership is free if you attend at
least one meeting per year. If you are out of town but still want
to receive the newsletter, send $5.00 to

BACPS c/o Carl Wong
39011 Applegate Terrace
Fremont, CA 94536

You can also mail Carl your address for a complimentary issue
if you are planning on attending the next meeting.


>>Stands for "affinity". Used when a particular plant is of dubious ID
>>but is very closely related or similiar to some other known species.

Yes, but who gets to decide whether there's an affinity?

Anyone. I don't think it is an "offical" nomenclature. It is just a
way to crudely identify a plant. If someone choose to call _Drosera
regia_ "D. aff. capensis", it will just mislead people and be silly.