Re: Naming questions.

Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Mon, 7 Mar 1994 16:30:22 +0800

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>>Subject: Re: Naming questions.
>>> the word "aff."
>>Stands for "affinity". Used when a particular plant is of dubious ID
>>but is very closely related or similiar to some other known species.

Yes, but who gets to decide whether there's an affinity?
>>BTW, did you get my message about the BACPS meeting on May 14th, in
>>Alameda? You and I are scheduled to do a program on pings. I think
>>we should get together for some planning.

Yup I did, and we do. I'm starting to wonder if the idea
of using video isn't a bit ambitious. Maybe we should just walk
aisles and show the stuff closeup, then have exhibits people
can come up and see after, and ask questions about?

Hey, my miniscule P. rotundiflora is blooming. I'm letting
it bloom so I can have a shot at ID'ing it. This hot weather
caught me by surprise. I had to go home and water my plants,
many of which were rathe dried out.