Re: Re: P. caudata (as was...)

John Taylor [The Banshee] (
Sat, 5 Mar 94 20:43:46 DST

>>>Can anyone provide me with a description of the flower (and leaves if
>>>you wish) of Pinguicula "caudata" (as it used to be known) I'm trying
>>>to check that it matches the one on my new plant.
>>P.caudata is a later synonym of _P.moranensis_ s.l. (sensu lato, in
>>the broad sense). The plant should have large cuneate corolla lobes

Um, I would describe the "diagonal" petals (see below) as being probably oblong
rather than wedge (cuneate) shaped... The lower petal is somewhat more cuneate

>>between individuals from pale pink to dark blue-violet) with the margins
>>not undulate, a long narrow spur and a short corolla tube
>>(sect.Orcheosanthus). The leaves are not distinctly petiolate. The "winter"
>>leaves are clearly smaller and more numerous than the "summer" leaves.

Almost missed that bit - the four "diagonal" petals (if you picture the flower
as a windmill, there are four petals that make the sails (diagonals) and the
lower one that would make the base...) are pretty much flat (possibly very
slightly dished). The lower petal (which is "emarginate") is noticably dished
(the curving of the edges is away from the spur) from the centre outwards...

>What about the leaf color? I've always wanted the classic "P. caudata"
>which was photographed as having nearly round leaves, with well defined
>upturned margins, and a yellow/light orange leaf color.

Well, I suppose the leaves are round (in the same way that D. erythorhiza is
described as having round leaves) - but they are a little elongated (more
oblong/oval shaped). There are distinct upturned edges which fade out to the
point where the leave narrows sharply, but they are pale green on this plant
(except just before they die...) Maybe it needs more light??

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