Re: Pings

Jan Schlauer (
Sat, 5 Mar 1994 14:42:37 +0100

>>I *urgently* recommend not to use the epithet "mexicana" at whatever rank.
>>"P.mexicana" is an inedited label name on an isotype specimen (i.e.
>Ok Ok. I figured that mentioning those ``mexicana'' and ``caudata''
>terms would probably rattle your cage!

P.caudata is not such a problem as it is a validly published name (based on
"Cuesta Grande de Chiconquiaco, Vera Cruz" Schiede 74 (HAL), i.e. another
type than _P.moranensis_). It is only "mexicana" which is the nomenclatural
outlaw (based on "America Equatorialis, prope Moran mexicanorum" Bonpland
4117 (P), i.e. the isotype of _P.moranensis_).

>(...), but ``infrasubform'' is really a work of art! :) :)

If you like you may use this status for plants grown on SW facing
windowsills. I do not insist in my copyright.

(Disclaimer: this is not a valid taxonomic rank in accordance to the ICBN.
It is fictitious and any resemblance to existing ranks, past, present, or
future, is purely incidental. I am not liable for any damage, material or
mental, caused by usage, written, spoken, or thought, of the term
"infrasubform" or any permutation or derivative of it). (8-))

>>the meanwhile, the safest way is to call the plants _P.moranensis_ s.l..
>What does s.l. stand for?

sensu lato (Latin for: in the broad sense), in our case including
P.caudata, as opposed to s.str. (sensu stricto; in the strict sense),
excluding P.caudata.

Kind regards