Barry Meyers-Rice (
Fri, 4 Mar 94 19:45:01 MST

>I *urgently* recommend not to use the epithet "mexicana" at whatever rank.
>"P.mexicana" is an inedited label name on an isotype specimen (i.e.

Ok Ok. I figured that mentioning those ``mexicana'' and ``caudata''
terms would probably rattle your cage!

>identical with and indistinguishable from the very original typical
>infrasubform). Any plant showing "mexicana" traits is automatically

Wow, Jan, I am used to your waxing eloquent about ``holotypes'' and
``lectotypes'' and so on, but ``infrasubform'' is really a work of
art! :) :)

>the meanwhile, the safest way is to call the plants _P.moranensis_ s.l..

What does s.l. stand for?